Spanish for Healthcare

Croton lechleri tree / Sangre de grado – Amazonia

About the course

This course is for healthcare professionals, Physicians, Physicians’ Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, medical assistants, lab technicians, and ancillary medical staff who need to communicate with Spanish speakers in the workplace. This course is composed of 15 units. Each unit introduces grammar structures, vocabulary, and dialogues that attempt to follow the order in which a patient visit takes place. Our online classes are communicative and emphasize conversation with a qualified and experienced online Spanish teacher (no pre-recorded lectures).

After finishing the program, students will able to interact competently with Spanish speaking patients and their families, and deliver the high quality of care they deserve.

This course includes:

  1. A private online Spanish teacher who will work with you during this course.
  2. EWorkbook: contains functional contents, vocabulary, dialogs, grammar points to cover, examples, and exercises.

This course is open to students with an upper-basic level of Spanish or higher. This means they should be able to convey simple ideas in Spanish and have be able to manage both regular and irregular verbs in the present tense. If you have doubts in this regard, please contact us.

Course outline

Upper Basic level

Unit 1

  1. Greetings
  2. Alphabet
  3. Nouns: gender and number
  4. Parts of the body
  5. What is this?
  6. Where is…?
  7. What do you need?
  8. Chief complaint

Unit 2

  1. Numbers
  2. Vital signs
  3. Question words, relative pronouns and prepositions
  4. Internal organs
  5. Cognates
  6. Giving instructions

Unit 3

  1. Regular verb pattern
  2. Common -ar verbs
  3. Necesitar
  4. “Estar”
  5. More numbers
  6. Common symptoms
  7. Qualifying and quantifying pain

Unit 4

  1. Hospital and rehabilitation facility items
  2. “Ser”
  3. Telling time
  4. Adjectives
  5. “Hay”
  6. Conjugation of -er verbs
  7. Conjugation of -ir verbs
  8. Pediatrics / La pediatría
  9. Expressing destination and future actions
  10. Emergency room / La sala de emergencias
  11. “Ser” v. “estar”

Unit 5

  1. The family / la familia
  2. More verb tenses
  3. Illness and medical history / Enfermedades y la historia médica
  4. Types of food / Tipos de comida
  5. Diet / La dieta
  6. Indirect object pronouns
  7. Irregular -er and -ir verbs

Unit 6

  1. Irregular verbs, present tense
  2. Days of the week / Días de la semana
  3. Months of the year / Los meses del año
  4. Home remedies
  5. Imperative mood, command form
  6. A physical exam / Un examen médico
  7. A neurological exam / Un examen neurológico
Intermediate level

Unit 7

  1. Modal Verbs AKA Power Punch Verbs
  2. Prescription and diet instructions
  3. Pap smear / Exam de papanicolau
  4. Beware of direct translations
  5. Giving directions / Instrucciones y direcciones
  6. Present progressive tense
  7. Blood test / Muestra – análisis de sangre
  8. Urine test / Muestra de orina
  9. Sputum test / Muestra de esputo
  10. Skin tests / Prueba de piel- prueba dermatológica
  11. Taking X rays / Las radiografías
  12. Results and diagnosis / Resultados y diagnósticos

Unit 8

  1. Possessive adjectives
  2. Se impersonal
  3. Demonstrative adjectives
  4. The preterit tense
  5. Irregular verbs in the preterit
  6. Well-baby visit
  7. Emergency room visit: ear infection / Infección al oído
  8. Emergency room visit: an asthma attack / Un ataque de asma

Unit 9

  1. Reflexive verbs
  2. Direct object pronouns
  3. To have, one should, must / Tener que, es necesario, hay que
  4. Abdominal pain / Dolor abdominal
  5. A trip to the dentist’s office / Una visita al dentista
  6. An appointment with the ophthalmologist / Cita con el oftamólogo
  7. Dermatology / La dermatología
  8. The pharmacy / La farmacia

Unit 10

  1. “Preguntar” y “pedir”
  2. “Conocer” y “saber”
  3. Pronombres posesivos / Possessive pronouns
  4. Otro futuro / Another future tense
  5. Present y pasadoprogresivo / Present and past progessive tenses
  6. The use of acabar de
  7. Enfermedades venéreas, enfermedades transmitidas sexualmente / STDs or STIs
  8. Present y pasado perfecto / Prsent and past perfect tenses
  9. “Por” y “para”
  10. Forma “tú” imperativo, You form – command

Unit 11

  1. Tiempo condicional / Conditional tense
  2. Un niño que necesita bajar de peso / A child who needs to lose weight
  3. El pretérito imperfecto / The imperfect tense
  4. Instrucciones prenatales / Prenatal
  5. Pronombres de objeto directo / Direct object pronouns
  6. Pronombres de objeto indirecto / Indirect object pronouns
  7. Pronombres de objeto directo e indirecto juntos / Using direct and indirect objects pronouns together
  8. El parto / The delivery
Advanced level

Unit 12

  1. El subjuntivo / The subjunctive mood
  2. Una visita posparto / A postpartum visit
  3. El imperfecto de subjuntivo / The imperfect subjunctive
  4. Un paciente con presión alta / A patient with high bold pressure
  5. Condiciones, el imperfecto de subjuntivo + el condicional / “si” clauses, the conditional and the imperfect subjunctive

Unit 13

  1. El prefecto del subjuntivo / The present perfect subjunctive
  2. El pluscuamperfecto del subjuntivo / The pluperfect subjunctive
  3. La primera visita de un paciente con diabetes / First visit of a patient with diabetes
  4. How to use the pluperfect subjunctive?
  5. Instrucciones para tomar la pildora anticonceptiva / Instrucciones for taking birth control pills
  6. A review of all verb tenses covered

Unit 14

  1. Víctima de una violación / A rape victim
  2. Víctima de un accidente de carro en urgencias / Victim of a car accident in the ER
  3. Terapia ocupacional / Occupational therapy
  4. Una quemadura / A burn
  5. Un paciente recuperando el conocimiento / Patient regaining consciousness
  6. Autoexamen mensual de los senos / Monthly breast self-examination
  7. Monólogo de neonatología / Monologue on neonatology
  8. Infarto de miocardio o trombosis cerebrovascular / Myocardial infarction or cerebrovascular thrombosis
  9. Patrón de crecimiento y desarrollo / Patter for growth and development
  10. Enfermería / Nursing
  11. Psiquiatría y psicología / Psychiatry and psychology

Unit 15

  1. Cultural competency / cross-cultural communication
  2. Herbal remedies
  3. Alternative medicine
  4. Medicines / Medicinas
  5. Illness and symptoms (by body part)

Tuition & Fees

Private classStart datePrice
Up to 16 hrs of class timeAny day$45 per hour
From 16 to 48 hrs of class timeAny day$40.5 per hour
+ 48 hrs of class timeAny day$36 per hour
PT (9:00am) – ET (11:00am) – CET (6:00pm)

We require a minimum of two students to open a group class. In the case a group class cannot be opened; students agree to take private lessons of an equivalent value (at a discounted rate) until the group class opens once again.

Group class
(4ppl. max)
Price per person
1.5 hour per week
1 class
$120 per month
$108 per 6 months (10%)
$96 per 12 months (20%)
3 hours per week
2 classes
$240 per month
$216 per 6 months (10%)
$192 per 12 months (20%)
PT (9:00am) – ET (11:00am) – CET (5:00pm)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The Spanish for Healthcare online course begins any day at your convenience. Spanish2Go School makes every effort to implement our students’ personal schedules.

Can I reschedule my classes?

Students may cancel or reschedule classes 24+ hours prior to class time without penalty. Any unused classes left on your plan will roll over for up to 1 year, as long as you are an enroll student. You may pause your plan for up to 8 weeks per year.

Group classes ?

Do you have co-workers who have the same availability as you? Contact us for your preferred class schedule and group rates. 4 people max.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with our program, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a 100% refund for untaken lessons. After the initial 30 day period, you qualify for an 80% refund on all untaken classes. To do so, you will need to send a request in writing. When you write in, please let us know why you want to cancel, so we can see if we can help!

Can I participate for one class and then decide if I want to commit?

Yes, you may purchase a trial class for $15.00

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