Self Study Plan

It is possible to learn Spanish by yourself if you are not ready to start classes with an online Spanish teacher. That said, you need to be extremely motivated, apply some learning strategies, be disciplined and find someone to help you practice your speaking.

How it works

During your 2-hour online class Self-Study Plan, we will: 

• Test your Spanish level.
• Give you an understanding how to build Spanish proficiency.
• Help you plan a strategy to self study by determining your skills and weaknesses.

You can complete the 2-hr class in one or two days during the same week. Let us know your availability for our online meeting in the registration form.


To register, please fill out the form and make the payment with which formalizes the registration. You will not need to set up an account.

  • online Class Self-Study = $90 per 2hr

Would you like to have a reevaluation after 30 days?

  • Follow up class = $40 per 1hr

Contact us at or 858-916-8339 (call or text).

We look forward to help you to learn Spanish!